Martin and Sharon ButlerSo many people think that starting a home business involves learning about bookkeeping, dealing with the taxman, buying expensive equipment and creating business plans and balance sheets. The whole point of me wanting to work from home was to spend my time on this planet with the people I love, doing the things that I enjoy doing when I want to do them.

I spent the biggest part of my life basically being a slave to the system because that is what I was taught. We are basically brainwashed into conforming to a system that wants us in debt so we spend all of our money on things that the system tells us are desireable. The reality of all this is that this system has been raped and pillaged by the elite few who control and use the media and positions of trust and authority for their own personal gain and the system is on the verge of collapse.

To this end, to try and bail themselves out of a system they have basically buggered up, they put more restrictions on us mere mortals by creating new laws and means of fining us and trying to get more money out of our pockets by creating a throw away society and making available ways for the elite few to pocket out of our woes.

Take for example the adverts you see and hear on TV and radio from these No Win No Fees companies or the Payday Loans. They dress these adverts up as a tangable product by using comedy and happy people who have pocketed money by using their businesses. In reality, people are getting ripped off.

I heard a radio advert the other day promoting that you can get money if you have a hearing problem that you may have got through working years ago, even if the company no longer exists! Let’s say  you worked in the 1960’s as a builder for a small family company and because you have tinitus in your 70’s but you heard this advert so thought you’d give them a call. These people don’t work for nothing so I bet you would have to agree to their terms and conditions if they persue a claim on your behalf so basically, they would have got your custom in compiling your case, even though there would be little chance of success but they would still expect paying or they wouldn’t take your case on.

I also had a company cold call me asking me if I have had an accident in the last 5 years and if I had, they could get me money for whiplash. This type of operation is not ethical but unfortunatly these sort of companies now have a presence on mainstream media as ways that we can get money.  This is all part of a system that I no longer wanted a part of so it was a realisation check and to decide to take control of my life which I have been doing since 2005.

All I will say is that this wasn’t an easy journey either. The people who I thought I wanted to emulate by working from home were the same money grabbing businessmen types only interested in one thing”MONEY”!

I decided that I would have to learn what to do to work from home myself and started the long process of making mistakes and replacing a regular wage with  money that I created with no experience so I decided to concentrate on a core of ventures that I could masater to generate a steady income.

Once I had successfully done this, I decided that there were other people”like me” who I could possibly help and at the same time generate another stream of income as well but I didn’t want to create a learning platform like the gurus so I priced my training products at a realistic price ( not charging hundreds or thousands like the guru’s do) and offering real support. That was in 2008.

Here we are in 2014 and i’m totally enjoying my lifestyle and my home businesses are all prospering because I enjoy the things and the lifestyle I have and I no longer buy into what big corporations say I must have or want. Of course I still have to have insurance, energy and communication but any other company who tries to get money out of me that I don’t deal with by trying to sell me something, will get a bill for wasting my time.

I no lonnger buy into dumbed down mainstream TV (have you seen the prime time TV programes they put on for us now)? nor do I buy into the adverts they show. Just study the adverts and see how they show a new car and the image they want you to percieve by driving down empty country roads or a mountain range. The reality of your life is TRAFFIC and SPEED RESTRICTIONS but people buy these cars on the strength of the adverts.

Anyway, that’s my rant so do look at your lifestyle. Is it the way you want it to be or are you blinkered by the properganda of a greedy failing system that is out to empty your pockets or do you wake up and do what you want to do and be with your loved ones. Make your own informed decision and go for it. It’s not all about money, it’s about quality of life with your loved ones for the time we have on this planet.



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