martin butlerWell, here we are on the cusp of another new year but what are you going to do with your life? This is a decision everybody comes across but only a tiny percentage ever do anything about, the reason being is that people are too bombarded with day to day living instead of trying to achieve the things they want.

We are kept in a totally negative state of mind whilst cunning business people breed off of our negative state and they get richer and we struggle to make ends meet. Take a look at what happens around you:

  • Working for an employer to pay for your lifestyle but in reality, you are giving your life to employers when you should be able to spend the majority of your time with the ones you love, surely this is what life should be about?
  • Paying Tax on the money you earn and with the remainder, everything else you buy is also taxed. In reality, for every 5 days you have to spend at work, 3 of those days, you are actually paying the government in tax. This is a fact.
  • Being at the mercy of large company’s like mortgage, insurance, banks and energy company’s. Payments never go down but you are expected to keep up with unfair price hikes whilst they boast of profit sales.
  • Depressing story lines on all soap operas and news channels covering doom and gloom stories.
  • Trash TV dumbing people down accentuating the trivial instead of celebrating success and inspiring people
  • Promoting junk foods, gambling, cheap drinking and encouraging people to interact with each other via text, twitter, facebook ect’  instead of actually talking to each other

The list goes on…

No wonder that people have lost their vision and desire. We live in a world where greed has taken over and the new generations coming up will know no different if we don’t stop this madness now. It is up to us adults of this world to stand up and say “enough is enough” to all these parasites who are bleeding us dry. We can only do this if those people who still have vision and desire actually stand up and unite with other like minded people and start to promote the reality we all want,

A comfortable moral life doing the things we enjoy with the people we love.

I achieved this by breaking away from the system in 2005 and have spent the last 7 years with my family doing the things I enjoy. Sure, I paid the mortgage off but the greatest thing is the time I get with my family with nobody telling me what to do.

I do however, still have to deal with the robbing energy providers, insurance companies, depressing TV ect but my mission in the new year is to start addressing these things, so these are my new goals.

What are yours?

Happy Christmas and New Year.


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