If you want to get one of the best inside tips before the masses get in, it’s EMBRACE VIDEO. now, if you are serious about wanting to break free from the system and work from home, you must have the following-

  • You need to choose something you actually enjoy doing (or what’s the point of breaking free from the system)
  • You need to learn how to find areas in that niche that you can compete in (weather it’s buying and selling stuff or you being an expert)
  • You need to build a presence in that niche where people look.
  • You need to display the correct image.
  • You need to be able to have a plan to grow.

Now, All these things should be on your checklist before you even try and start a home business but even having all of these things is no good if you are not getting seen = TRAFFIC

Most beginners get traffic generation wrong because in a desperate attempt to get seen they normally employ unnatural traffic growth = SPAM

I’m not going to go into traffic generation in this post but I will give you the biggest thing you could do NOW to ensure you get floods of traffic within the next few years.

CREATE YOUR OWN VIDEOS… Let me explain. YouTube is full of videos,tutorials,niche subject stuff and every sort of niche you can ever imagine and people use YouTube as a search engine when they want information. The trouble is that most of the stuff is poorly created, full of poor content, bad shaky video footage or full of copyrighted music.

YouTube is evolving all the time and sooner or later you will see all the videos that breech copyright being removed. YouTube know automatically when a copyrighted piece of music is being used in a video because it has software that reads the sound patterns of every video and if it reads a match in your video, It will send you a message that you have infringed a copyrighted piece of music. At the moment, they either just warn you or they actually remove the soundtrack.

In the future, you won’t have an option, it will just get removed. This goes for every other video that is on YouTube for any copyrighted piece of video or sound footage, in other words, we are in the transition of YouTube culling illegal videos

The main reason for this is people are now starting to view Internet streaming on their main TV’s instead of sitting in front of a computer so they have to create a structure ensure the content is legal. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY.

As we are in this transition, If you grasp simple video and produce little tutorials in your chosen niche without breaching music or image copyrights (in other words us copyright free music and your own content) Put the correct keywords in your video titles and description and possible links in the description to your business, service or website offers, When the great cull comes along, your videosĀ  should gain great position in your niche where others who were once top but were abusing the rules and got all the traffic get removed.

The beauty of this is that people will then be viewing niche videos on their main TV and usually, this privilege was only there for the big companies who were paying thousands for a 30 second advert. It is now becoming accessible to the smaller niches as people will be able to just type in to YouTube on their TV’s and watch exactly what they want and if you grasp what I have just told you, You will be in the big time in your niche because other people in your niche wouldn’t have realised until it had happened.

START NOW to secure your future traffic streams in your chosen niche. If you think you will struggle with creating videos, just take a look at people who’s video’s you like and see what they do and basically copy them with your own spin.

To your success

Martin Butler

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