Well, after 7 years, I finally upgraded my Craft Robo Craft Cutter to the new Graphtec Cameo Silhouette. My biggest problem is all my existing Craft Robo cut files are in a different format to the nes cutter and whilst I was in the process of importing them, quite a few wouldn’t transfer over saying they were bad files. I now have to go through most of my images again and recreate them in the new format. There must be a simpler way but I haven’t found it yet.

On the plus side, I can now take advantage of the larger A3 transfer paper and create more substantial images. For anyone starting out though, A Craft Robo will still do a great job if you can’t afford a new Graphtec Cameo Silhouette.

I’ll soon be creating some simple tutorials on how I am using this cutter once I learn how to work it myself lol.

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