martin butlerThe Internet is always evolving and things that worked a few years ago, no longer work today. If you are following someone who says that you can become rich by buying their product with no experience then this is stuff from years ago that doesn’t work in today’s market.

I see so many beginners still asking if my course will make them rich? and they are still buying into the claims of easy riches. You cannot (as a beginner) jump into the make money online, Biz Op, Diet and Fitness type markets by creating an ebook and getting it on the 1st page of Google for floods of traffic ANYMORE.

If you are following someone who is telling you this, you are basically buying outdated material and wasting your money.  Have you realised how many of the big players who used to bombard your inbox don’t bother sending you emails with upsells ect?

They know this format that was once Black hat is now old hat and doesn’t work anymore. They have moved on and are doing things that are not in the public arena and when their new stuff starts to fail, this is when the general public get to hear about a fantastic new system that they used but will soon not work as things have moved on again.

Do you remember it was all about creating ebooks, then it was teleseminars. They then moved onto online tutorials behind membership sites but people didn’t want to spend thousands on a private membership website subscription so they moved into seminars and workshops as they could still charge thousands and also upsell with special one time bonuses where they promised (in person) to fast track you to success providing you signed up NOW.

You just need to realise that anyone offering to make you rich is either making themselves rich or selling you something that doesn’t work any more.

So, What do I do that is so different. My focus is to work from home and not to get rich quick. My tutorials and support will give you a good understanding of what you should aim for without pulling the wool over your eyes.

You also get to interact with me in the members forum and also a small group of real people who are doing the same.

I don’t send out spam. my private membership site is full of real life examples of things I have actually done and am still doing so it is constantly being updated.

The bottom line is it is all about taking control of your life to try and do something you actually enjoy until you can generate enough money to give up working for an employer.

If this is the sort of thing you want, check out the membership site.

No nonsense information and advice.

To your success


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