Well, I don’t believe it.¬† The same old rubbish that is still being peddled on working from home should be assigned to the rubbish bin. I recently got sent the link to an Internet marketers blog where she was implying that AdSense isn’t dead and you could make 100$ a day by doing her course.

She goes on to say that it’s simple creating these cash sites and has websites that she has had for years that she does nothing to and they still bring in an AdSense income.

Now, to a beginner, this sounds like the golden ticket. Just follow some simple blueprints and you too will be earning $100.00 per day by replicating the formula.  Let me tell you There is loads of things you should be aware of for her to make those statements.

First of all, having the formula to build your AdSense websites is not enough. The biggest thing with any website is getting in front of your target audience. As a beginner, you won’t have a list of customers in any niche so you will have to get people going to your website by either paying for adverts or getting ranked in the search engines on the first page.

Just relying on SEO is no longer good enough. The search engines want to see many unique people visiting your website from many ip addresses so don’t think that you can fool the search engines by buying thousands of clicks from someone who promises to get visitors to your website. The search engines can spot this tom foolery and will penalise your website. The search engines have evolved and continue to do so and a beginner has very little chance of grabbing some hungry niche search engine rankings when there are many proven websites who are at the top places because they are giving their customers and the search engines what they want.

This is why a beginner will NOT be able to jump in and make a $100 per day. You have to give people what they want and that takes time to build up. Sure, even I have websites with AdSense that I haven’t touched for years and are still earning me money but things were different then. These websites still rank highly as they are still getting plenty of unique visitors¬† so are still ranked quite highly but that will change as the search engines trim up their algorithms for regular fresh content and these sites will slip down the rankings eventually.

So the bottom line is, I would challenge any so called internet marketer who could practice what they preach and actuall film a series of them actually going through the procedure as if they were a beginner and seeing what would really happen if they followed their own teachings.

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