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For those of you who are members of my membership site will be glad to hear I am now filming a new series of tutorial DVDs on how to make an Information DVD product. I have just put in video 1 and will be adding the rest as I am actually creating a real information product. This will be really useful to anybody who likes the idea of creating information DVD products as you will see behind the scenes of how it’s done.

Anyone with a camcorder can do this and make money creating instructional DVD’s or even putting them online behind a membership site as I do with my tutorials. The reality is that there is still a generation of people who don’t trust websites and still like to feel a real product in their hands so there is still a window of opportunity to create these DVD products really cheaply and sell them on for a great profit.

The video set I will be filming will sell for around £70.00 and cost under £1.00 to duplicate.

If you are a member, take a look in the video tutorial menu or if you are not a member, The annual membership is still £25.00 – Such a bargain.

To your success.


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