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As promised, I have now launched my new t shirt printing training DVD for those of you that are interested in starting up a little home business like this. We have been running this business for years (my wife does it now) and it was one of the little home businesses that enabled us to break free from the rat race and work from home.

We made many mistakes in the beginning including going onto t shirt forums and asking questions only to find so many conflicting answers and the conversations often turned into “my way is better than your way” arguments amongst the forum members. Not only that, many of the regular forum members actually used to get a kick out of belittling the beginners asking simple questions. Not the ideal learning environment.

As a result, we took what information we thought was best but this often proved to be a costly mistake as we didn’t really know what we were doing. After 6 years, we are still going strong and are now experienced in our own right. I never visit t shirt forums as I believe the people there have too much time on their hands and possibly are not as successful as they say they areĀ  if they can afford to spend hours slagging people off.

This brought me to my T shirt training workshops where I am able to show people “hands on” how we run our T shirt transfer printing business. I then got people asking me if I would do a training DVD. This has now been completed and is on sale in my products list in the menu.

If you are interested in starting a little home business you can grow by creating printed t shirts, check out HERE

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