t shirt printing dvd

T Shirt printingTraining DVD

If you are interested in starting  T Shirt Transfer Printing Business working from home then you will greatly benefit from my latest training DVD of how we operate this business working from home. The DVD covers everything you need to know on getting started and running a T shirt transfer printing business working from home.

The DVD Run time is about 1 hour 20mins packed with all you need to know to get started in this business as we did and still do now.

It is very easy to make costly mistakes if you don’t follow someone who is doing it successfully and waste loads of money (as we did) and produce poor quality goods but through trial and error, we found the correct formula and consistently produce top quality goods with virtually no complaints.


£25.99 including shipping


t shirt printing from home dvd

You will learn:

  • The different types of t shirt printing
  • The equipment needed and the pitfalls of buying the wrong stuff
  • The materials to use to give the best results for your money
  • How to create designs and getting them onto your T shirts
  • Getting designs created for you
  • Real time example of producing a graphic and actually creating the printed garment
  • List of suppliers and what equipment we use
  • Advice on getting local customers
  • and much more.

I wasted so much money in the beginning by doing research in forums looking for advice and all I found was people disagreeing and contradicting each other and they also belittle beginners when we asked questions. Not a great way to learn as a beginner but that’s all I had to go on hence we made many mistakes and wasted so much money and time.

After years in this business (that my wife now runs) I now run successful workshops teaching people “hands on” how to start this type of business but I was getting so many people who couldn’t attend these workshops and asked if there was another way I could create a training course, and that prompted me to produce the DVD.

If you are interested in possibly starting a T shirt transfer printing business working from home, Check out my dvd.

To your success