Website Graphics Creator

If you take a look in the “Services” menu tab, you will see loads of things. Some are free and some are paid. Take a look at the Website Graphics Creator. This is a free bit of software I have installed on my server for you to use.

If you check out the payment buttons on this website, they were all created in this free software I have provided for you to use. Just click the tool box in the services menu to go to the tool. There are a few types of graphics it will create for you and every part of the design can be altered at the click of a button. Just choose your template and change the text with your own and when you are happy with your design, save the image as a jpg and it’s ready to insert into your web page.

Give it a go. There’s no cost to use it or any catch. The image you create is yours to use how ever you want.

New Design Website

HI Folks,
This is my newly created website platform. I have moved away from traditional static websites in favour of the wordpress platform. Don’t wordpress forget there are 2 wordpress platforms, the one that is hosted on their servers at or the one where you download the wordpress installation zip file and install it on your own hosting account from

If you have a hosting account with a cpanel (like Hostgator accounts have) then you can install as many wordpress blogs as you wish with the click of a few buttons by using the fantastico delux button.
Give it a try, you will be amazed how simple it is.

There are plenty off plug in’s that you can install from the control panel of your blog. These install at the click of a button as well.
Everything you see in this website has been created from a free theme and free plug in’s.

Everything from SEO to converting your blog to a membership site is easy to do by adding the appropriate plug in and in some cases, just activating it. Some plug in’s require you adjusting the settings but this is also simple. I give these 10/10 for the best blogging templates around.

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