Auction Reaping For Fast Profit

Here’s an item I found at auction that is going to make me a tidy profit. I know this because I used my Auction Reaping technique so am nearly guaranteed a profit even before I brought the item. This item cost me £40.00 and it sold on eBay for £245.00.

Check out the videos below and see it when I picked it up from an auction and then watch the video of the actual video I put in my eBay listing to advertise the product. I always recommend using video on higher priced items when selling on eBay to give you the edge over the competition.

When the customer came to pick it up, he told me he only brought it because of the video. This shows you that it works. Enjoy.

Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

barney the springer spaniel

barney the springer spaniel on the way to the auctions

Well, here we are again sitting outside the auction  house in the van with Sharon and Barney the Springer Spaniel (auction dog) waiting to do a viewing. We have a routine where I walk around and Sharon follows me and I point out to her what items to put in our little black book. We drive home and do our research on the items listed and decide how much we are going to bid for each item.

If we actually attend the auction, we know exactly what items to bid on and how much we expect to pay and how much we can sell the items on for a profit. It’s a great feeling watching all the people frantically scribbling in their note books with only minutes to go to the start of the auction. These people probably won’t make a profit. We are not experts but we constantly make a profit, it’s all about having insider information.

You get this in Auction reaper. Don’t like working for your boss, do something about it then. This could turn into a full time business with very little outlay but you have to do some work.

If you do nothing then you get nothing. Think about it, There is no fairy godmother, you have to create your own luck. No one is going to make your life easier, you have to create it.

This is just one way of generating an income with no experience or capital outlay. It does work, I have proved it.

Good luck.

Martin Butler Discount For Membership Site

buy it now



HI Folks,

For those of you who have taken advantage of my Membership Site Discount, well done. I am enjoying answering your questions in the forum. I have about 25 dedicated forum members and am looking for around 100 so there are a few places to fill. Don’t forget, most people who try and learn to work from home get pulled into the get rich quick route where people try and convince them with screen shots of enormous bank accounts. Who in their right minds would show strangers their private accounts, I wouldn’t and I expect you wouldn’t either.

If you have fallen for this sort of stuff in the past, you will know what I mean. You’ve brought courses on the strength of someone telling you it is easy to make thousands with no experience and when you get the course, It never is as easy as they made out to be.

When you are looking at “normal jobs”, you never see adverts saying, “get rich by becoming an electrician or a plumber” or “buy these super pliers and screwdrivers and earn thousands” and yet, you are supposed to believe a total stranger when he says that he will take your hand and show you secret systems that made him rich. I remember when I was an electrician, Nobody wanted you to know what they earn.

So why do people fall for these claims? for the same reason we want to win the lottery, Financial freedom and not having to work for people we don’t like. This is a very strong urge and this is why, People like Internet marketers have realised that there is a very hungry market of people who want this freedom and will pay to learn.

The bottom line is very simple though, it all boils down to supply and demand. You are going to have to supply something someone wants and advertise it where they are going to look. It’s that simple.

I do get emails from people all the time telling me that they want to earn £10,000 per month on autopilot but they don’t have any special skills or interests and they don’t have much money but they want to create an ebook in the make money niche or the lose weight market.

I can’t help these sort of people, it’s a waste of my time. I have tried before but they are deluded. Anyway, That’s enough from me for the moment, I am busy on some new projects at the moment. The sort of things that anyone can start as a part time hobby and grow as you get more custom.

This stuff will only be available in the members area so don’t forget to sign up for £25.00 special offer price. This will go up.



Trying To Chase Google.

It’s surprising how we are all manipulated into thinking that to succeed, you have to be on the first page of Google. Sure, this is the place to be when people are searching for you but How you get there now is far different then what it used to be.

Google’s aim is to give visitors a relevant search experience to what they are searching for. Just providing a single sales page type website will not cut it any more if you are coming in with a new website. You try and get a brand new page ranked in a popular niche like “make money online” and you’ll be wasting your time. Even their adwords system has tightened up for these type of keywords. Of course, you can drive traffic and possibly get a temporary first page listing by placing links on authority sites linking back to your site and possibly getting a listing that way but it won’t be there for long.

Your site should contain quality content, have back links from other authority sites possibly in the same niche and also get plenty of unique visits. That takes work and commitment. In other words, the time is up for those people who rode the wave of second guessing Google for easy riches. Google Has evolved.  Get serious about your possible online business or get out.

work from home private membership

Work From Home Private Membership

Well, At last, I have got round to opening the doors to my private membership club. The main reason for me doing this is because I answer so many emails from people who buy my training dvd’s (where I offer email support) from people how want to work from home, it has become very time consuming. I will also point out that I have answered every email that has been sent to me as promised.

The problem comes when I get an email from a person and I have answered their question many other times before so I find myself answering the same questions on a regular basis. Now, all work from home questions are mainly based around the same thing where people want to get to grip with how certain things are done. Of course everyone’s situation is different and the business is also changing all the time so I decided that to keep people up to date and to have a way where people can search for common answers they require, the best solution was to create the Members Club.

This means that the questions I keep getting asked can now be put in the forum where people can look at them and glean the information they need without me having to write the same content over and over again. You will also get to see other people’s business ideas and projects to get an idea as to what you should be doing. All this information is not accessible to the public. Forget “get rich quick” you can make money online and work from home with the right training. There is no hype, just good honest training from someone who was where you are now.

Don’t forget, I wasted thousands of pounds following the so-called gurus who just put me into their sales funnel to sell me high priced training and I only started my own journey when I stopped listening to them. So, if you feel you have wasted too much time and money following these people then I think you will find my training is for you. I’ll probably be telling you that you were being guided into markets that you could never compete in and show you how to work from home in markets where you can. Check out the membership sign up page

There’s no long winded sales letter here, I don’t feel I have to convince you with this sort of rubbish. I will let my reputation do that as an honest man providing real training and advice without trying to put you into a sales funnel like all these other people do.

Good Luck. See you on the inside.

To your success


This is one you don’t want to miss.

My Final DVD Complete Training Set


You get everything:

  • The Online Empire Builder 6 dvd set
  • Affiliate Empire Builder 3 dvd set
  • Auction Reaper
  • 201 Tips and Tricke For Product Developers
online empire builder 6 dvd set

Online Empire Builder 6 DVD Set









affiliate empire builder 3 dvd set

Affiliate Empire Builder 3 Dvd Set










Auction Reaper

Auction Reaper DVD










201 tips and tricks

201 Tips And Tricks DVD












Offer now closed

Learn To Work For Yourself

learn to work for yourself

Learn to work for yourself


If you want to learn to work for yourself, your biggest barrier is going to be changing the way you have been living your life.You have been taught within a system that has been conditioning you to become a  follower and a wage slave in return for a job. To learn to work for yourself you will have to break the pattern you have been living your life by and start to make positive changes to get you where you want to be.

The first thing to do is to find a mentor, someone you can relate to and you can gain access to. A person who has done what you want to do and you can ask questions to. To learn to work for yourself requires you to make a commitment to yourself to make changes. You will need a direction that you can follow, even if you are starting something as a part time project. It has to be scalable so you can grow your venture until you get to the stage where you will either need help or you have enough work to actually give up your full time work.

When you learn to work for yourself, there will be a learning curve whilst you become used to new skills so you should not put too much pressure on yourself to earn money from the start. You should concentrate on setting your venture up in a methodical manner. You will make mistakes but having a good mentor will mean that these are kept to a minimum.

You will have to spend some money in either training or in investment in tools and materials. Again, take advice from your mentor, they should be able to put you on the right pathway. By starting in your spare time, your venture should not jeopardize your income as you will still be doing your original job so you just need to make steps in the right direction to get you where you want to be.

When you learn to work for yourself, the people around you will be no good for you to bounce your ideas off. They are too conditioned by the system to understand what you are trying to do so only talk to people about your venture who will be interested and can comment on the subject. You will find like minded people in forums but don’t spend all your time on forums. Use them to find out information and to get technical questions answered. Most forums are full of very clever people but there is always people who do nothing more than to live on forums and to make newcomers feel uncomfortable. Just ask your questions, search for answers and get out.

If you feel that you want to learn to work for yourself, only you can make it happen. Get started on your learning curve NOW!

To your success

Martin Butler

Top Ebay Selling Items

top ebay selling items                   

Auction Reaper Training Dvd

If you are wanting to generate some extra cash, why not give Ebay a try. You don’t have to sell top Ebay selling items, far from it. There is a never ending list of products that have made people earn a very good income from Ebay. Top Ebay selling items are normally reserved by the Ebay elite but you and me are very capable of getting in on the action if you are using the right tactics.

I remember when I first started selling on Ebay, I couldn’t be bothered to wrap up items I had sold and going to the post office was a chore. I soon realised that every item that I sold was bringing in money. I was looking at things the wrong way. If I sold enough, I could generate enough income to stop me having to work for an Employer. That must be good.

I do not sell top Ebay selling items but am in a host of smaller niches. It’s all about learning a system and moving forward. I concentrate on top Ebay selling items in my niches rather than top Ebay selling items on the whole of Ebay and I show you how to find these items in my Auction Reaper Training Dvd.

You don’t need to be an expert, you can start off small with very little investment. You will have insider knowledge that will level the playing field so you will know exactly what sells and exactly what to buy to sell for profit. None of the items you trade in will have to be top Ebay selling items.

Check out Auction Reaper and start to learn and earn at the same time.

To your success

Martin Butler

2012 – Make This Your Year

martin butlerHello and welcome to 2012. So many things could happen this year, all out of your control. The financial systems all around the world are collapsing, The Mayan calendar predicts that there will be mass earth changes, we could experience solar flares from the sun that could knock out national power grids, The magnetic poles of the earth are getting weaker, maybe getting ready to flip as they have done before. Disclosure that we are not alone  in our universe could be made public knowledge. So many possible things in store in this year.

The evidence is out there if you know where to look. What can you do to move forward in your life?  Instead of being a wage slave, have a go at creating something, A little business that will create you an additional income – your own empire that you can grow yourself.  Treat it as a hobby and you should have fun in the process. This is how I started and I have been successfully working from home in many different niches since 2005.  I was probably no different than you. I had worked all my life in the system and been a wage slave and faced the prospect of working till I was 65 and barely having enough money (and free time) to enjoy what life has to offer.  Time was passing me by and I was spending more time with people at work than with the people I loved.

This had to change and I was the only one to make it happen. You have this power as well but you need to realise what is really important to you. With the possible changes this year that are out of your control, make the change you CAN control. It’s up to you.

December 2011 Special Offer

Auction Reaper

Auction Reaper DVD

201 tips and tricks

201 Tips And Tricks DVD

OFFER NOW CLOSEDHI and welcome to my December 2011 special offer.  This is my last offer this year and if you really want to start to learn how to work from home, these dvd’s will give you a great head start on how to find profitable niches to exploit.Auction Reaper will show you my niche hunting tricks to find where people are actively spending money, This is the stuff no keyword tool can show you. It will also show you how to make money using the auction format and make money every time.
The second dvd is my 201 tips and tricks dvd. All of this information would take you for ever to find out but it is all here in one place to help you short cut your learning curve when learning how to work from home and realise what skills you will need.  Buying both of these training dvd’s will cost you nearly £50.00 but for December 2011 ONLY, you get them both for the price of £24.95 including shipping. so for the cost of a family meal at a take away, you could have enough information to start your own income stream working from home.

Martin Butler Interview Audio

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Hi, Folks.

This month I was asked to do an audio interview by a fellow Marketer who wanted to know how I got started. We basically conducted the interview over a Skype connection and he recorded it using a piece of software called Pamela. He then edited it using the free software called Audacity. This is how easy it is to produce quality content if you don’t have a video camera. You can find experts to interview on almost any subject and (like I did) provide your time for free because you will almost certainly be allowed to promote your own product in the audio in exchange for your time.

If you have a blog, you can install a plug in called Audio Player and install the audio as I have above. Do check out the interview as it ight help you.


Martin 🙂

Updating My Computer

After 4 years It was time to update to windows 7 with a new PC. This was brought about because I was getting problems editing and converting video’s on a PC that was doing many other things as well.

This also gave me the opportunity to clear out years of clutter from my office and give it a lick of paint. It’s surprising how much junk you collect over the years and it is quite therapeutic to rid yourself of clutter and make a fresh start. I fully recommend it.

I had so much rubbish stored on my main computer as well so it was also a good time to save stuff I wanted to keep by storing it on a separate hard drive and only installing stuff I basically needed on the new PC. One of the biggest problems was re-installing hardware from one operating system onto a new operating system (vista to windows 7). Most of the software discs I had didn’t work but I was able to get new drivers online.

Oh well, time to move on again.



Busy Working On Video Content

It’s never easy when creating unique content because it is so time consuming. However, the time I am dedicating to creating this membership site will be time saved by you.

When starting any new venture, you often don’t know the direction you should be going in. This is especially true in learning to work from home as there are so many people promising you easy wealth for doing their courses. The mass majority of people promising easy wealth have just jumped on the band-waggon of trying to get in on this lucrative market. The reality is that most fail.

Mentor-ship is essential but people’s time is precious so this is why video tutorials (in my opinion) are a great way to learn new skills. You should learn from someone you trust and respect. Only you can judge this.

Choose your mentor carefully, can you contact him personally? Does he or she keep bothering you with emails trying to sell you stuff? Has this person got any adverse information on the Internet about them. Is this person established and have a web presence?

All questions you should ask yourself before parting with any money.


Membership Site On It’s Way

I’ve been so busy over the last year with my personal life, enjoying my golf (up to 3 times a week) and the weddings of my 2 eldest children, 8 weeks apart and also starting up some more little home businesses.

I now am going to be releasing my brand new membership site that is going to be built into this site. If you decide to join, you will gain access to a whole new host of training videos that will show you all the insider things I do to operate  my businesses from home.

You will get to see stuff  that I use and will join all the dots together to get you understanding what you should be doing so you can make a start on your own venture.

I’m still working on the format but it shouldn’t be too long. If you are interested then please put your name and email in the box in the right menu bar and I’ll send you my start up manual and also notify you by email when I have more news.




Create Easy Video Adverts With Animoto


Click Above For A Free Trial

If you thought creating little videos to put on YouTube would be very difficult to do then you should check out Animoto . It is so easy to product professional videos without any editing software knowledge whatsoever. All you do is sign up for a free account by either clicking the picture or the link provided and you will be able to upload your own images directly into Animoto’s online software, add extra text and choose from their music library for your background music. You just drag and drop your images and their software will take care of all the transitions, music and special effects automatically. You’ll be amazed at the results.

You get to create as many free 30 second video adverts as you like for the free account or you can upgrade for a paid subscription and get unlimited video length without their branding.

I use this all the time when I am creating video adverts. check out the advert on my home page. (not the tv one) this was created in Animoto. All I did was upload some pics and some video clips, put them in order, choose my audio track and Animoto put it all together. The pro version even allows you to insert a link at the end of the video.

I use it with easy video player to product great video adverts like the one below:


Check it out, it’s a great tool.

My Daughters Wedding

martin butler and tracey

Martin and Tracey

Yet another wedding.This time I was giving away my daughter Tracey to her husband to be, Ben Clifford. The wedding took place on the 28th May 2011 and again we were blessed with great weather. My 2 oldest children are 26 and 24 and they both decided to get married 8 weeks apart :0  Our youngest is Jimmy who is 14 years old so we should have a few years before he gets married 🙂  All the family came up again and some even stayed a few extra days as this is holiday time this time of year in our village. Again, I have not really been doing much work but this is the beauty of having multiple websites set up selling products on autopilot.

Can you imagine having hundreds of products on sale bringing you an income? when I first started in 2005, I only had one. I kept creating and adding products and (of course) this takes time but once you have done the work once, the rest is all profit, you just run copies off and that’s it.

If you are interested in doing the same, check out my training dvd’s.

Good luck to Ben and Tracey for the future.



My Son’s Wedding

gary and stacey butler wedding 2011

Gary and Stacey.

My son Gary got married on the 2nd of April 2011 and this was the start of a very hectic couple of months. I have not really been doing much work but playing loads of golf, up to 4 times a week in some cases. We were blessed with great weather and everyone had a great day. As we are from London, most of the family had to travel up to Lincolnshire and most booked into local hotels so they could enjoy the day. It’s amazing the freedom you have when you work for yourself to allow you to be able to concentrate on the things in life that are important to you instead of being told what to do by employers and people at work who mean nothing to you.

Let’s hope that you are able to enjoy every day that life brings the way that I do now. I’m no one special but I broke out of the rat race at the age of 41 so you could do too.

Bonus Offer For March

Special Offer

Special Offer

Well done to all the people who took advantage of my special offer bonus package that ended on 31st March 2011. Loads of happy customers who saw the true value of my training dvd’s. The main thing to remember when looking to try and learn how to make money from your home computer is that there are a number of things that you will need to learn about. Not only that but you will also have to learn the skills to generate a list of customers. This is not easy if you have no specialist knowledge at all and don’t have anything that people want.

You will get many people who promise to let you into the secret of getting massive lists generated from zero if you buy their product but the reality is that (yes) you can build lists quickly but you need to be building TARGETED lists. Just collecting peoples details is as much good as copying the telephone directory, not only that, you will probably get reported as a spammer.

DO NOT FALL FOR CLAIMS OF INSTANT LIST BUILDING SECRETS!! The successfull people don’t use these tactics. it’s only gullible newbies who fall for these claims.

Anyway, Once again, Well done to you people who brought the bonus package.



Tapping Into Local Business For An Income

tapping into local business for an income

Tapping Into Local Business For An Income

Creating an income from local businesses all around you could bring in enough income for you to give up full time employment and free yourself from the rat race. You might think that this would be too complicated for someone like you but you are wrong.

I am in the process of designing a brand new training package where I am actually testing this out as I write. Once I have proved this system works and have finished the tutorials fully explaining how to set this up, my students will be given the first opportunity to road test the system.

You will be given the opportunity to actually get the system at a reduced cost before anyone else gets a look in. All I will say is that initial tests are excellent and it can be set up on a shoestring budget.

Do you realise that there is are thousands of people all around you who have no idea on how to get a website online? and even those who have, you will be surprised that they have no rankings, are poorly designed and are costing them a fortune for web companies who prey on the uninformed?

I have researched this marketplace and was shocked by what I have found. I was even more shocked on how much money is generated by so called professional companies who prey on the uninformed to secure easy money.

There lies the opportunity to provide a quality service at the fraction of the cost the big boys are charging. This is what I am formulating as we speak.

I am creating the package for you t be able to compete with very little knowledge in this market. I am making it so easy that you’ll be astounded that all the information will be provided to set this up in your own town with little experience.

Remember this is a real business model and not a get rich quick scam so you will be running a real business. I’ll show you how to set it up, and how to run it. It can be run from home and could free you from an employer within a year.

I’ll keep you informed so watch this space.



Personal Training Available

Uk Internet Marketing School HelpThis year I have now moved into providing personal training by the way of small targeted workshops for people who have hit the brick wall with either information overload or who can’t seem to put all their knowledge together.

I spend hours answering emails and on the phone that it is taking up my precious family time so I am having to condense additional personal training and mentorship into these new packages.

In the menu above, you will see the workshops Tuition tab and the Personal Coaching tab. These are not aimed at beginners, they are aimed at people who know many things about this business but need some personal guidance to make things clearer.

If you feel this is you, please check them out. For the workshops, Just leave your name and email and I’ll get back to you with more detailed info. There is no commitment by leaving your details, it just means that I can gauge possible workshop sizes without being too big.

With the telephone or Skype sessions, once you have made payment, I will contact you by email and we will set up your session.

By using these new training modules, you will be getting your personal training  questions answered and seeing first hand what I do to create cash generating websites.

This stuff costs hundreds of pounds so  make use if it.


martin butler

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