From 1st Jan 2018 the Powerdriver software will not be available for use with sublimation inks using the Sawgrass sublimation inks in your printer. The Ricog SG3110 will no longer be for sale and will be replaced by the Virtuoso SG400 and SG800. Check out the video for more information.

Galaxy Heat Press Update 16 x 20 Auto Slide

In this video I update you on how the Dino Galaxy 16 x 20 Auto Slide Heat Press has been performing over the last 8 months. Check out the video below.

Galaxy Mug Press Review Test and New Features

In this video we look at the new Galaxy Mug Press I got from and I do some test mugs. This mug press is my latest edition from Galaxy to compliment my Galaxy 16×20 Auto Slide T Shirt Heat Press. They have the same control panel design and Subliblanks carry spares for both units.

This mug press can accept extra mug element wraps in a total of 3 different sizes. They come with the standard 110z element but you can also purchase a 6oz and a 14oz element.

All in all, a great mug press at an affordable price.

Dino Galaxy 15″x15″ Heat Press Review

galaxy 15x15 Heat press

Galaxy 15×15 Heat Press

There’s a new kid on the block, the Galaxy Heat Press. After years of owning a Stahl Hotronix heat press I have never had any problems with this press but one of the leading questions that I keep getting asked is “do you know of a more affordable heat press as the Stahl’s are so dear” Well up until now, I would not commit myself to recommend anything other than the Stahl but last week, I was contacted by a SubliBlanks who have just bought a new range of affordable heat presses to the market and they are so confident that these presses will compete with the more expensive ones that they gave me one  and have asked me to trial it and give an honest review on them.

Now, as a rule, I don’t do reviews but if this heat press performs as they say it does, I will let you all know my findings in a series of videos where i’ll put the heat press through it’s paces. My first impressions are that it is a similar design to my Stahl and looks to be a quality made item. Although it is manufactured in China, (as some Stahl’s are) the specification is of a high quality, using laser cut frames.

But the proof is in the pudding so stay tuned and check out the review videos as I test this Galaxy Heat Press 15″x15″ out. Your heat press is the single most important piece of your t shirt printing business so don’t get a cheap inferior one from Ebay, get a quality one and let’s hope this one performs at an affordable price.

For more information visit: Galaxy Heat Press 15″x15″

To find distributors, check out Distributors List  as they are adding distributors all the time.



Simple T shirt Vinyl Pressing No Printer Needed

In this video we look at how you can use clothing vinyl to create super printed t shirts without the need of a printer. You will need a craft cutter and the one in the video is a Silhouette Cameo. We use this cutter to cut out out transfer papers as well but it has many other uses. We had a Craft Robo cutter that we used for 6 years but you could only cut A4 paper but this new one will cut A3 size.

You don’t need to spend thousands on a cutter to get started so have a look around. These are basically craft cutters and normally used in the scrap book making or greetings card making niches.

My Loss


I would just like to notify that I lost my mother today and am totally devastated and will need some time to deal with my loss. Please  be patient with me as I’m not able to deal with enquiries at this very difficult time.

I’ll post an update as soo as I can.


Working From Home, Start A Hobby.

Martin and Sharon ButlerSo many people think that starting a home business involves learning about bookkeeping, dealing with the taxman, buying expensive equipment and creating business plans and balance sheets. The whole point of me wanting to work from home was to spend my time on this planet with the people I love, doing the things that I enjoy doing when I want to do them.

I spent the biggest part of my life basically being a slave to the system because that is what I was taught. We are basically brainwashed into conforming to a system that wants us in debt so we spend all of our money on things that the system tells us are desireable. The reality of all this is that this system has been raped and pillaged by the elite few who control and use the media and positions of trust and authority for their own personal gain and the system is on the verge of collapse.

To this end, to try and bail themselves out of a system they have basically buggered up, they put more restrictions on us mere mortals by creating new laws and means of fining us and trying to get more money out of our pockets by creating a throw away society and making available ways for the elite few to pocket out of our woes.

Take for example the adverts you see and hear on TV and radio from these No Win No Fees companies or the Payday Loans. They dress these adverts up as a tangable product by using comedy and happy people who have pocketed money by using their businesses. In reality, people are getting ripped off.

I heard a radio advert the other day promoting that you can get money if you have a hearing problem that you may have got through working years ago, even if the company no longer exists! Let’s say  you worked in the 1960’s as a builder for a small family company and because you have tinitus in your 70’s but you heard this advert so thought you’d give them a call. These people don’t work for nothing so I bet you would have to agree to their terms and conditions if they persue a claim on your behalf so basically, they would have got your custom in compiling your case, even though there would be little chance of success but they would still expect paying or they wouldn’t take your case on.

I also had a company cold call me asking me if I have had an accident in the last 5 years and if I had, they could get me money for whiplash. This type of operation is not ethical but unfortunatly these sort of companies now have a presence on mainstream media as ways that we can get money.  This is all part of a system that I no longer wanted a part of so it was a realisation check and to decide to take control of my life which I have been doing since 2005.

All I will say is that this wasn’t an easy journey either. The people who I thought I wanted to emulate by working from home were the same money grabbing businessmen types only interested in one thing”MONEY”!

I decided that I would have to learn what to do to work from home myself and started the long process of making mistakes and replacing a regular wage with  money that I created with no experience so I decided to concentrate on a core of ventures that I could masater to generate a steady income.

Once I had successfully done this, I decided that there were other people”like me” who I could possibly help and at the same time generate another stream of income as well but I didn’t want to create a learning platform like the gurus so I priced my training products at a realistic price ( not charging hundreds or thousands like the guru’s do) and offering real support. That was in 2008.

Here we are in 2014 and i’m totally enjoying my lifestyle and my home businesses are all prospering because I enjoy the things and the lifestyle I have and I no longer buy into what big corporations say I must have or want. Of course I still have to have insurance, energy and communication but any other company who tries to get money out of me that I don’t deal with by trying to sell me something, will get a bill for wasting my time.

I no lonnger buy into dumbed down mainstream TV (have you seen the prime time TV programes they put on for us now)? nor do I buy into the adverts they show. Just study the adverts and see how they show a new car and the image they want you to percieve by driving down empty country roads or a mountain range. The reality of your life is TRAFFIC and SPEED RESTRICTIONS but people buy these cars on the strength of the adverts.

Anyway, that’s my rant so do look at your lifestyle. Is it the way you want it to be or are you blinkered by the properganda of a greedy failing system that is out to empty your pockets or do you wake up and do what you want to do and be with your loved ones. Make your own informed decision and go for it. It’s not all about money, it’s about quality of life with your loved ones for the time we have on this planet.



Members Area Content Problem

Hi Folks,

WordPress and my membership software have upgraded their systems and as a result of this, the members videos have dissapeared.

Please bear with me to sort this out. I am waiting for a reply from them to find out what the problem could be.

I’ll keep you updated and return the members vids as soon as I know how.



Membership videos now back 27-1-14



I thought I corrected this but I am aware that members can’t see all of the tutorial vid catogories so I’m contacting the membership software people to sort this out. Please bear with me.




All membership vids now accessable. Thanks to Wishlist Member for your support.


Mug Printing for Fun And Profit DVD Now On Sale

mug printing training dvd

Mug Printing Training DVD

At last, I have released my Mug printing training dvd after many people asking how I operate this little home business. We have been running this little home business since 2005, in fact, this was the first business that I actually started generating a real home income from after trying all the get rich quick stuff we have all tried over the years.

I did make a few mistakes though by visiting forums and trying to get the best info from other so called experts but what I found was so much conflicting information from different people because they all thought they were experts and that their methods were right so who was I (as a beginner) to believe?

I ended taking what I thought was the best equipment and adsvice on materials but was bogged down with equipment that didn’t perform as it should have and I didn’t know why. As time went on, I developed the business and made improvements by ironong out the faults and once I found the winning formula, we have never looked back.

The information contained in the training dvd is the stuff you need to know and it will hopefully save you time and money in getting your own Mug Printing business off the ground.

The dvd runtime is 1 hour 30 mins and shows you exactly how we operate this home business including all the materials and equipment we use.

Price £24.99 including free shipping worldwide

email support is also included in case you need some advice to get you going.

I can’t be fairer than that. It’s down to you so let’s get you going with a simple home business to start up:

Mug Printing For Fun And Profit Working From Home



Creating Youtube Videos For An Income

I generate money in many different ways by working from home and normally you normally have to start from the ground and work your way up. Have you ever heard people say, ” If I knew what I know now, 10 years ago, I’d be rich?  I know, I’ve said it myself but in reality, the only people who actually take advantage of an opportunity when they arise are normally informed people who take action but would you be able to spot and take advantage of a possible life changing opportunity?

The chances are, you wouldn’t. The reason being, you are too conditioned by the system and you wouldn’t have the knowledge, experience and confidence to make something happen. This isn’t really your fault as the system is designed to keep you enslaved and selling your time for a wage but what if there were big changes actually happening and someone gave you an inside whisper of these changes so you could actually start to build a future income by doing something in your spare time? Well, now is the time and you are about to be given some inside information of BIG changes that are, and will take place where YOU could start to generate a possible life changing income.

TV viewing as we know it will be replaced by streaming video from independent networks all trying to get content from people who upload videos to the internet. These networks will promise you more views in return for a cut of the advertising profit where adverts are shown in or over your videos. These videos will be accessable from people’s own TV’s  where they can type into a search box from a controller and watch something they actually want to watch instead of being fed programmes from a pre created TV listings schedule as we have had to watch for the last 50 years.

TV over the last few years has really gone down hill in terms of quality viewing by money grabbing organisations who have had the monopoly on what the public are being fed from a stream of trash TV programmes aimed at  dumbing down people who don’t know any better than to believe the rubbish that is put in front of them. Everything is geared to tie you in to spending your money with big co-orperations and they just want to keep you in your armchair with a credit card in your hand ordering stuff feeding their machine.

Sure it’s business but it’s a business machine that no longer cares about the end consumer but cares more about creating cashflow to sustain the over inflated organisations they have built with the specific intention of building as much profit as they can.  Now this is the important bit, sure, people in business are in business to make money but when the balance tips in favor of the main goal of a business is making a profit over the needs and wants of the consumer, that business machine is no longer in business for the right reasons.

We are being fed trash in so many different areas of our lives now that the new generations have no idea of what they should expect and just accept the rubbish that is fed to them as normal. Those of us who are old enough to know and are informed on what changes have taken place over the last 40 years have seen this decline in customer service and the increase in greedy coperations getting involved in any an every sport, hobby,activity that has a large following of people and then taking over the running of these things and basically destroying the thing by exploitation for financial gain.

Look at Football, In the 1970’s. Football clubs were run by a manager and a chairman. The manager picked the team and run the team and the chairman controlled the business of the club. Today, you have club owners who are big business co-operations who know nothing about football but are only interested in the global merchandising profit they can exploit from the loyal fans who follow their teams with a passion.

The managers are picked for their public profile and their ability to get results, it appears in the short term and any manager who has signed a contract with a club, has normally some sort of get out clause if they are fired and also get’s heavily compensated if this happens. A run of a few games without a win can cause a faceless  club administration team to fire a contracted manager in an instant with a generous payoff.

Players are also finely tuned atheletes who’s hands are tied in so many aspects of their lives where they are told what to eat, what to drink, where to socialise, how to behave, what to wear, who to be seen with and the list goes on all because there is big money at steak and doing anything that could hurt a sponser could cost millions. The players are built up as superheroes for fans to idolise and branding of these players in this way generates millions of pounds in revenue for their money making machine.

It’s also all tied in to TV and media coverage of games where you have to pay a network to view from your own home. Every way of exploiting money from football has been exhausted and we are now seeing a collapse of many clubs who cannot compete with the main co-operations who control the clubs at the top end of the league. Clubs that have been around for over 100 years are now on the verge of extinction because of the way money grabbing co-orperations have raped and pillaged the game for profit at the expense of loyal fans who have a passion for their club and the game of football.

The same can be said for the music industry. This industry has been exploited by co-operations in return for profit because it has a mass following of people who spend money on following their favorite artists. Again, pre 1970’s, artists who became famous, did so on their own merits. Sure they had to gain the approval of the mainstream media to get airtime but the mainstream media wanted talent that had the potential to generate viewers which in turn created custom for them so you had people who had a following because they had style, intregue,carisma and ability in whatever genere you can imagine. These were talented people that the masses wanted to watch. Then the money grabbers got in..

What have we ended up with, a media controlled music industry who creates music and groupes themselves all aimed at specific groups of people (namely pre pubesent younsters who don’t knnow any better) who only fit a profile that these co-orperations have analysed that could bring in the most money. They can produce music for these puppets to perform by created music patterns that they have worked out, appeals to their target audience in return for fulfilling their desire for making a profit from people who don’t know any better.

Not only that, they capture you by letting you think that you are actually choosing the talent yourself by allowing you to vote for your favourite act. What is actually happening is they have created the shortlist of people who could fit a money making profile and asking the public to make the final decision, after all, it’s the public who will be idolising these created idols and spending money, right!

Take a look at the charts, filled with music and people who fulfil a profile mostly created by media controlling companies, Sure, that’s not everyone but the vast amount of artists are either controlled or part of a bigger picture of promotional, sponserd, product placement,merchandise organisation geared to make money.

Just like the football scenario, the real talented people with a following who want to create their own music and are very good, have no place if they won’t sign over their rights to fit in with these companies money making profiles. The end result is where we are now with music and artists purely created for a certain profile for profit.

The same goes for the food industry 40 plus years ago, every shop was owned by people who cared about the food they were either producing or selling. It was fresh wholesome and plentyful and on your doorstep in your local highstreet or village. People knew each other and had routine and enjoyed a trip to the shops for a chat as well with people.  Then big co-operations got in. Supermarkets were created  supposedly to make a better experience for the consumer. This put ordinary people who had operated their own family businesses for decades on the scrapheap.

Sure, to the unspecting shopper, they thought these big shiney supermarkets were the best thing since sliced bread and loved that they could do all their shopping under one roof but what was really going on? These large co-operations had realised that if they could crontrol the logistics of food delivery and condense everything under one roof, they could make massive profits. What they failed to promote is the lives they would be destroying by forcing people who had an indepth knowledge in their chosen field of produce and who actually cared for their products they sold by forcing them out the market.

Then they started to exploit people’s natural desires by creating packaging that appealed to the eye instead of focusing on the quality of the actual product. How many times have you bought a product in a box only to find out that the actual product inside bares no resemblance to the actual image on the box? Mix this in with TV adverts promoting products straight into your living room on the TV sublimilly working on your mind to make you desire the product in question and you have a complete way to maximise profit.

What they also don’t tell you is that the food that you got from your local shop all those years ago was free from preservatives and additives. Food in supermarkets has foods that are full of preservatives as they have to have a long shelf  life so they are full of chemicals that help this happen. There are colourants, artificial additives, poisons (yes poisons) growth hormones, and a host of other things in supermarket foods all because they have to store, mass produce and deliver foods from manafacturing plants to stores globally so these things are included in the food.

What has this done to us over the years? well, there are so many new physical conditions like ADHD, bi polar disorder, food allergey’s attention defecit disorder, hyperactivity and a host of other recent conditions that have arisen over the last 40 years. Now, you’ll never find any survey that concludes that food additives are the cause to these things but if you go back before food was controlled by big business, things were a hell of a lot different.

Just like the other industries I have listed here, we now seem to be past the tipping point of the scales where profit is more important than the consumer. Suppliers are sourcing inferiour cheaper produce to maximise profit and it’s the consumer who is eating this stuff. Horse meat in beefburgers, growth hormones, genetically modified foods. Surely this is not to benefit the consumer? Of course not, It aids the big companies to maximise profits.

Every other industry had been exploited the same way and we, the human race should now say “enough is enough” This is the point that I finally wanted to make but this post has turned into a rant. Ha Ha

TV as we know it is soon to change. Due to the internet and the ability of the consumer to be able to actually choose what they want to watch, there is a new breed of enterprise out there building the blocks to take control of the next wave of media control.  NETWORK COMPANIES…..

These company’s are contacting people with Youtube channels that get lots of views and are trying to sign up the owners by tieing them into deals where they promise you more views in return that you sign over your rights to your income advertising revenue and they will take a percentage of your revenue.

All I will say here is, if you have video’s in a niche and are doing well, do you really want to lose control of your channel or revenue when these people are purely in it for the money? History has proven that networks and big co-orperations main goal is profit. People are watching your vids because of your content. Don’t sell out. You are great and in control.  You will reap the rewards in the next 2 years.


Good Luck and Prosper


Well, after 7 years, I finally upgraded my Craft Robo Craft Cutter to the new Graphtec Cameo Silhouette. My biggest problem is all my existing Craft Robo cut files are in a different format to the nes cutter and whilst I was in the process of importing them, quite a few wouldn’t transfer over saying they were bad files. I now have to go through most of my images again and recreate them in the new format. There must be a simpler way but I haven’t found it yet.

On the plus side, I can now take advantage of the larger A3 transfer paper and create more substantial images. For anyone starting out though, A Craft Robo will still do a great job if you can’t afford a new Graphtec Cameo Silhouette.

I’ll soon be creating some simple tutorials on how I am using this cutter once I learn how to work it myself lol.

If you want to get one of the best inside tips before the masses get in, it’s EMBRACE VIDEO. now, if you are serious about wanting to break free from the system and work from home, you must have the following-

  • You need to choose something you actually enjoy doing (or what’s the point of breaking free from the system)
  • You need to learn how to find areas in that niche that you can compete in (weather it’s buying and selling stuff or you being an expert)
  • You need to build a presence in that niche where people look.
  • You need to display the correct image.
  • You need to be able to have a plan to grow.

Now, All these things should be on your checklist before you even try and start a home business but even having all of these things is no good if you are not getting seen = TRAFFIC

Most beginners get traffic generation wrong because in a desperate attempt to get seen they normally employ unnatural traffic growth = SPAM

I’m not going to go into traffic generation in this post but I will give you the biggest thing you could do NOW to ensure you get floods of traffic within the next few years.

CREATE YOUR OWN VIDEOS… Let me explain. YouTube is full of videos,tutorials,niche subject stuff and every sort of niche you can ever imagine and people use YouTube as a search engine when they want information. The trouble is that most of the stuff is poorly created, full of poor content, bad shaky video footage or full of copyrighted music.

YouTube is evolving all the time and sooner or later you will see all the videos that breech copyright being removed. YouTube know automatically when a copyrighted piece of music is being used in a video because it has software that reads the sound patterns of every video and if it reads a match in your video, It will send you a message that you have infringed a copyrighted piece of music. At the moment, they either just warn you or they actually remove the soundtrack.

In the future, you won’t have an option, it will just get removed. This goes for every other video that is on YouTube for any copyrighted piece of video or sound footage, in other words, we are in the transition of YouTube culling illegal videos

The main reason for this is people are now starting to view Internet streaming on their main TV’s instead of sitting in front of a computer so they have to create a structure ensure the content is legal. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY.

As we are in this transition, If you grasp simple video and produce little tutorials in your chosen niche without breaching music or image copyrights (in other words us copyright free music and your own content) Put the correct keywords in your video titles and description and possible links in the description to your business, service or website offers, When the great cull comes along, your videos  should gain great position in your niche where others who were once top but were abusing the rules and got all the traffic get removed.

The beauty of this is that people will then be viewing niche videos on their main TV and usually, this privilege was only there for the big companies who were paying thousands for a 30 second advert. It is now becoming accessible to the smaller niches as people will be able to just type in to YouTube on their TV’s and watch exactly what they want and if you grasp what I have just told you, You will be in the big time in your niche because other people in your niche wouldn’t have realised until it had happened.

START NOW to secure your future traffic streams in your chosen niche. If you think you will struggle with creating videos, just take a look at people who’s video’s you like and see what they do and basically copy them with your own spin.

To your success

Martin Butler

Are You ready To Work From Home

Are You ready To Work From Home

In this video I talk about the things that hold you back when trying to break out of the rat race. The system is designed to keep you where you are and making it very hard for you to create your own freedom by going it alone. They want you in debt and tied to a job where you can make the system regular payments for things that are not really important. The media is designed to make you want things that you don’t need and to make it easy for you to part with your money.

You will have an uphill struggle if you try to break free on your own or if you follow so called Internet millionaires. They only got rich, feeding off of the back of people like you. I make my money in the niches I show you in my videos and teach you what I have done. If you like what I do then you are in the right place. Enjoy.


One Product I don’t mind recommending

If you realise the power of video marketing in your project or venture then you should take a look at Easy Video Suite. I have been using the Easy Video Player 2 since 2010 and all my online protected videos are installed into my websites with Easy video player 2. Video marketing is so important in today’s online presence and you can’t rely on video upload sites to secure that your important videos are safe. Not only that, there are some videos that you might not want in the public arena, videos with a paid subscription for example.

All of my membership videos are installed with Easy Video Player 2 and I have never had any problems. The video players are very customisable, You can do many things like:

  • Add an active link at the end of the videos
  • Insert opt in forms (from your autoresponder account)
  • Change the player size and design
  • Add social media share buttons to the player
  • Make the players auto start
  • Redirect the customer straight to a website after the videos have played.

This are just a few of the things I have used in Easy Video Player 2. The Easy Video Suite is due to be launched on the 15th Jan 2013 and I would suggest you grab a copy as I will.

I’ll keep you posted on the pre-launch information but I suggest that you buy via me, i’ll give you access to my online Auction Reaper Tutorials For FREE



Easy Video Suite Bonus Offer Auction Reaper

Easy Video Suite Bonus Offer Auction Reaper

To Qualify for your free copy of Auction Reaper, just email me your clickbank order confirmation number and i’ll send you the Auction Reaper tutorials


What’s Next For Your Future

martin butlerWell, here we are on the cusp of another new year but what are you going to do with your life? This is a decision everybody comes across but only a tiny percentage ever do anything about, the reason being is that people are too bombarded with day to day living instead of trying to achieve the things they want.

We are kept in a totally negative state of mind whilst cunning business people breed off of our negative state and they get richer and we struggle to make ends meet. Take a look at what happens around you:

  • Working for an employer to pay for your lifestyle but in reality, you are giving your life to employers when you should be able to spend the majority of your time with the ones you love, surely this is what life should be about?
  • Paying Tax on the money you earn and with the remainder, everything else you buy is also taxed. In reality, for every 5 days you have to spend at work, 3 of those days, you are actually paying the government in tax. This is a fact.
  • Being at the mercy of large company’s like mortgage, insurance, banks and energy company’s. Payments never go down but you are expected to keep up with unfair price hikes whilst they boast of profit sales.
  • Depressing story lines on all soap operas and news channels covering doom and gloom stories.
  • Trash TV dumbing people down accentuating the trivial instead of celebrating success and inspiring people
  • Promoting junk foods, gambling, cheap drinking and encouraging people to interact with each other via text, twitter, facebook ect’  instead of actually talking to each other

The list goes on…

No wonder that people have lost their vision and desire. We live in a world where greed has taken over and the new generations coming up will know no different if we don’t stop this madness now. It is up to us adults of this world to stand up and say “enough is enough” to all these parasites who are bleeding us dry. We can only do this if those people who still have vision and desire actually stand up and unite with other like minded people and start to promote the reality we all want,

A comfortable moral life doing the things we enjoy with the people we love.

I achieved this by breaking away from the system in 2005 and have spent the last 7 years with my family doing the things I enjoy. Sure, I paid the mortgage off but the greatest thing is the time I get with my family with nobody telling me what to do.

I do however, still have to deal with the robbing energy providers, insurance companies, depressing TV ect but my mission in the new year is to start addressing these things, so these are my new goals.

What are yours?

Happy Christmas and New Year.


New T Shirt Printing Training DVD Now On Sale

t shirt printing from home dvd

Hi Folks,

As promised, I have now launched my new t shirt printing training DVD for those of you that are interested in starting up a little home business like this. We have been running this business for years (my wife does it now) and it was one of the little home businesses that enabled us to break free from the rat race and work from home.

We made many mistakes in the beginning including going onto t shirt forums and asking questions only to find so many conflicting answers and the conversations often turned into “my way is better than your way” arguments amongst the forum members. Not only that, many of the regular forum members actually used to get a kick out of belittling the beginners asking simple questions. Not the ideal learning environment.

As a result, we took what information we thought was best but this often proved to be a costly mistake as we didn’t really know what we were doing. After 6 years, we are still going strong and are now experienced in our own right. I never visit t shirt forums as I believe the people there have too much time on their hands and possibly are not as successful as they say they are  if they can afford to spend hours slagging people off.

This brought me to my T shirt training workshops where I am able to show people “hands on” how we run our T shirt transfer printing business. I then got people asking me if I would do a training DVD. This has now been completed and is on sale in my products list in the menu.

If you are interested in starting a little home business you can grow by creating printed t shirts, check out HERE

To your success


Check out the video above where I talk about what content is in my membership site. If you want to learn to work from home by starting a little business without having the wool pulled over your eyes then this will be a wise investment. There is no false promises or hype in my membership site just good practical common sense stuff, the sort of thing I was looking for when I was trying to break out of the rat race but all I found was marketers abusing sincere honest people wanting to learn. All these marketers kept doing was bragging to the actual people they were supposed to be mentoring about how they were getting rich training these same people who had put their trust and hard earned money into these gurus pockets.

I don’t do this as I believe it is unethical. Anyway, check it out.




I have just added vid 4 in the “How to make an information product dvd series”

New Video Series In The Members Area

Hi Folks,

For those of you who are members of my membership site will be glad to hear I am now filming a new series of tutorial DVDs on how to make an Information DVD product. I have just put in video 1 and will be adding the rest as I am actually creating a real information product. This will be really useful to anybody who likes the idea of creating information DVD products as you will see behind the scenes of how it’s done.

Anyone with a camcorder can do this and make money creating instructional DVD’s or even putting them online behind a membership site as I do with my tutorials. The reality is that there is still a generation of people who don’t trust websites and still like to feel a real product in their hands so there is still a window of opportunity to create these DVD products really cheaply and sell them on for a great profit.

The video set I will be filming will sell for around £70.00 and cost under £1.00 to duplicate.

If you are a member, take a look in the video tutorial menu or if you are not a member, The annual membership is still £25.00 – Such a bargain.

To your success.


The Rubbish That Is Still Being Taught.

Well, I don’t believe it.  The same old rubbish that is still being peddled on working from home should be assigned to the rubbish bin. I recently got sent the link to an Internet marketers blog where she was implying that AdSense isn’t dead and you could make 100$ a day by doing her course.

She goes on to say that it’s simple creating these cash sites and has websites that she has had for years that she does nothing to and they still bring in an AdSense income.

Now, to a beginner, this sounds like the golden ticket. Just follow some simple blueprints and you too will be earning $100.00 per day by replicating the formula.  Let me tell you There is loads of things you should be aware of for her to make those statements.

First of all, having the formula to build your AdSense websites is not enough. The biggest thing with any website is getting in front of your target audience. As a beginner, you won’t have a list of customers in any niche so you will have to get people going to your website by either paying for adverts or getting ranked in the search engines on the first page.

Just relying on SEO is no longer good enough. The search engines want to see many unique people visiting your website from many ip addresses so don’t think that you can fool the search engines by buying thousands of clicks from someone who promises to get visitors to your website. The search engines can spot this tom foolery and will penalise your website. The search engines have evolved and continue to do so and a beginner has very little chance of grabbing some hungry niche search engine rankings when there are many proven websites who are at the top places because they are giving their customers and the search engines what they want.

This is why a beginner will NOT be able to jump in and make a $100 per day. You have to give people what they want and that takes time to build up. Sure, even I have websites with AdSense that I haven’t touched for years and are still earning me money but things were different then. These websites still rank highly as they are still getting plenty of unique visitors  so are still ranked quite highly but that will change as the search engines trim up their algorithms for regular fresh content and these sites will slip down the rankings eventually.

So the bottom line is, I would challenge any so called internet marketer who could practice what they preach and actuall film a series of them actually going through the procedure as if they were a beginner and seeing what would really happen if they followed their own teachings.

martin butlerThe Internet is always evolving and things that worked a few years ago, no longer work today. If you are following someone who says that you can become rich by buying their product with no experience then this is stuff from years ago that doesn’t work in today’s market.

I see so many beginners still asking if my course will make them rich? and they are still buying into the claims of easy riches. You cannot (as a beginner) jump into the make money online, Biz Op, Diet and Fitness type markets by creating an ebook and getting it on the 1st page of Google for floods of traffic ANYMORE.

If you are following someone who is telling you this, you are basically buying outdated material and wasting your money.  Have you realised how many of the big players who used to bombard your inbox don’t bother sending you emails with upsells ect?

They know this format that was once Black hat is now old hat and doesn’t work anymore. They have moved on and are doing things that are not in the public arena and when their new stuff starts to fail, this is when the general public get to hear about a fantastic new system that they used but will soon not work as things have moved on again.

Do you remember it was all about creating ebooks, then it was teleseminars. They then moved onto online tutorials behind membership sites but people didn’t want to spend thousands on a private membership website subscription so they moved into seminars and workshops as they could still charge thousands and also upsell with special one time bonuses where they promised (in person) to fast track you to success providing you signed up NOW.

You just need to realise that anyone offering to make you rich is either making themselves rich or selling you something that doesn’t work any more.

So, What do I do that is so different. My focus is to work from home and not to get rich quick. My tutorials and support will give you a good understanding of what you should aim for without pulling the wool over your eyes.

You also get to interact with me in the members forum and also a small group of real people who are doing the same.

I don’t send out spam. my private membership site is full of real life examples of things I have actually done and am still doing so it is constantly being updated.

The bottom line is it is all about taking control of your life to try and do something you actually enjoy until you can generate enough money to give up working for an employer.

If this is the sort of thing you want, check out the membership site.

No nonsense information and advice.

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