martin butlerMany of my followers will know that I make my living from my small home office where I run my online empire. I have my fingers in many online businesses all of which act as dripping taps constantly supplying a regular income into my bank account.

I have helped many a beginner to get started and establish an online business and would like to show you how you too could start earning an income with no expensive start up costs sitting at home working at your PC.
Forget about trying to be the next Internet millionaire within the next 6 months.
Only a very small percentage achieve this as they have knowledge that a raw beginner doesn’t have.
If you truly want to start and work towards breaking free of the rat race then the UK-IMS is going to equip you with the tools for success.
As you probably know, there are thousands of money making websites all offering you an instant way to get rich. Think about it, If all the people who brought these products got rich, no one would be working for a boss.

I have spent a fortune in the past trying out different wealth creating systems and every one of them left key things out. This is why I decided to create the UK-IMS. I think it’s about time that people wanting to break out of the rut had a real chance of doing so instead of making the so called gurus rich. They’ve have had the market for long enough. They talk of earning tens of thousands a month on autopilot but this is the money they are taking from people like you. They sell to hungry desperate people knowing that they will never create the wealth that they have. I think it’s about time that the wealth is distributed more evenly.

martin butler newspaper 2008This is why I created my DVD training course. The information I have put together in this course is the information a beginner needs to know. This is the stuff I got stuck on and had no one to help me with when I got started.

This is where most people get stuck as they don’t know what order to do things in and how to do the things they need to be doing. You will know exactly because I will show you every step.

After watching my DVD tutorials, you will know exactly what to do and how to do it. It will drastically shorten your learning curve and if you do need advice, just email me and I will answer your questions.

I believe this is the best foundation training out there and you have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

There’s no hype here. If you are taken in by other gurus fancy marketing then carry on. dreamers need not apply.

I sell products in many different niches but I started off with only one. You WILL do the same if you do what I have done.

Get ready to change your life.

Here’s to your future
martin butler